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Southampton Green Party responds to the Council’s quest for waterfront ideas.

24 September 2021

Now that the council is again stuck for ideas on how to progress in making the Royal Pier part of the City's access to the waterfront, the party is proposing that the Council at least commission a physical safeguarding assessment for a wind turbine having a blade tip at 248m high and sited near the end of the Royal Pier.

Winchester Rd Souithampton

Government Funding for Southampton at Risk

03 August 2021

This summer we have seen cycle routes and people-friendly traffic free zones removed from Southampton's streets. This is being done with little consultation with those who actually used and benefited from them. Conservative government ministers have warned that 'Councils which rip out cycle lanes or low-traffic neighbourhoods before giving them a chance to work or without evidence they are failing could lose future central government funding.

Eat Sleep Picnic Repeat.

29 June 2021

Our perennial picnic is again at Frogs Copse. Let's hope any showers blow away from the copse and down onto the airport.

Greens give support for Airport High Court battle

19 June 2021

After the decision by Eastleigh Borough Council to allow for the extension of Southampton Airport runway, the last challenge to the decision is to take the application to the High Court of England and Wales.

A meadow in the city.

Local Greens are contributing to a nationwide petition to ban plastic grass

27 May 2021

Many people are already aware how damaging plastic grass is for the environment as it leaves particles in the surrounding soil which could be left for centuries. Plastic grass, formed from petrochemicals, does not decompose although it does break down and look shoddy after years of use.

Southampton Green Party aiming for first

09 May 2021

Some feedback from the local party on the election results.

Greens call for LibDem boycott after Decision Day.

10 April 2021

Members of the Green Party in Southampton are today mourning the decision made by the Liberal Democrat council in Eastleigh to agree to the extension of the runway.

PRESS RELEASE: Greens support call for ‘State of Nature’ amendment in Environment Bill

01 April 2021

The Green Party has reiterated a call for a ‘State of Nature’ clause being included in the delayed Environment Bill which would require the government to set a legally binding target of 2030 to halt and reverse the decline of nature.

St Denys gets a spring clean

29 March 2021

Sunday afternoon saw a few people working off their lunches with a socially distanced community clean up. Households covered Kent Road, Belgrave corner, the area under the two bridges and Saltmead and its playground.

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