Local Greens are contributing to a nationwide petition to ban plastic grass.

27 May 2021

Southampton & District Green Party are supporting an online petition to have artificial grass banned in the UK before we create further unnecessary environmental and ecological problems.

Many people are already aware how damaging plastic grass is for the environment as it leaves particles in the surrounding soil which could be left for centuries. Plastic grass, formed from petrochemicals, does not decompose although it does break down and look shoddy after years of use. 

Often manufacturers exaggerate the lifespan of their products meaning these products require disposal more frequently than customers have been lead to believe.

Katherine Barbour Green Party campaigner said,

‘These plastic products, used to save people the worry of maintaining a natural lawn, have no benefit for wildlife whatsoever’.

‘There is so much wrong with using plastic grasses for landscaping, but even when they are discarded they cause more problems. In theory the plastic and other materials can be recycled but in practice this rarely happens’

They are unpleasant for children to play on, they leave the child dirty.

‘Lastly they contribute to global warming and are hazardous for our ecology’.

By signing the petition on the parliamentary website: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/585520  a debate in parliament could change the current situation where gardens and wild life havens are being sacrificed simply out of our stupidity to be fashionable.

Southampton & District Green Party also strongly advise that should householders realise that their plastic grass is breaking up and beginning to disperse plastic particles, then they should remove the product and get it disposed of at a household recycling station. Our city waste services in the main send the plastic for incineration.


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