Southampton Green Party aiming for first

9 May 2021

Southampton Green Party are happy with some progress today after the results of the local council elections were declared on Saturday.

Even so it was a bittersweet moment after the count when the party failed to win a council seat having secured over 9% of the overall city wide vote.  In the Portswood Ward, Katherine Barbour was a strong runner up behind Jon Savage but she missed out on becoming the first Green councillor in the Southampton Council chamber.

With a system of proportional representation the party would have secured at least one or two seats.

The Green Party has managed now to become the third largest party in the City.

John Spottiswoode spokesperson said,
        'It is true that the three South coast international ports;  Portsmouth, Plymouth  and Southampton are behind the curve where Greens are being elected in growing numbers elsewhere across the country.  For instance, Bristol now has twenty four Green Party Councillors.'

'We consider Southampton can eventually be the first of these three South coast cities to gain a council seat for the Green Party'



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