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Insurance for a climate catastrophe

Joseph Cox, 17 September 2023

The wildfires on the Pacific Island of Maui have proved to be an immediate destructive force where even the rich have failed to escape the carnage.

Plant a tree in twenty three.

Joseph Cox, 20 June 2023

Why focus on supporting the Green Party?

Joseph Cox, 15 August 2022

UK-SHORE visit from junior minister.

Joseph Cox, 19 March 2022

Appeal for UHS members.

Joseph Cox, 16 August 2021

Further to this letter published in the Echo at the beginning of 2021 are there any members of the public who could be part of the UHS trust.

Bedford Place and bike lanes: a window into our flawed voting system

Charley Greenwood, 12 July 2021

Whatever side of the debate you are on, the Bedford Place saga and bike lane removal have perfectly illustrated the problem with First Past the Post as a voting system.

We can't forget Covid, but what about BREXIT.

Joseph Cox, 27 May 2021

With Dominic Cummings trying as hard as he can to distance himself from the lying toe rag of a PM, it could be the beginning of the end for some of the UK populist mob. Meanwhile let's have a look at one awkard multi billion trade deal.

Stop the Police Bill

John Davis, 06 April 2021

John Spottiswoode attended one of the demonstrations in Southampton on Good Friday and comments on how the bill is damaging for democracy.

Quality comes from the top

, 24 January 2021

Green Party member Ron Meldrum discusses the influence of leaders' behaviour on the rest of society.

EU-UK arrangement for fishing is one part of the fiasco.

Joseph Cox, 31 December 2020

Fishing is a risky enough business; the pay is hardly lucrative and there will always be much pressure on the skippers of trawlers to come home with a full hold of fish.

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