Southampton Greens call for government investment in sustainable farming methods ahead of COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

20 April 2021

Southampton Green Party members are concerned that not enough has been achieved in the last decade locally and nationally to modernize farming and the framework for providing food for society whereby climate change can be mitigated.

 In summer of 2020 the Soil Association published a report containing one section titled 'Grow Back Better' which is a manifesto for post Covid recovery. The document talks about the urgency to implement better agroecology in line with our European neighbours.

 The Soil Association are championing organic as a key solution to the climate, nature and health crises, calling on the UK Government to match the EU ambition for 25% total farmland to be organic by 2030.

 Joe Cox local campaigner said,

  'Hampshire Farmers should attempt to move away from the brutal and intense factory farming methods and work towards a more ethical and environmental basis of permaculture.'

 What we would like to see is a bigger uptake of people actively participating in horticulture. The consumption and production of vegetable, fruit, nuts and pulses can be achieved by small holdings increasing the amount of produce they grow. Anyone with access to land might like to have a go at growing food.'



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