Greens plan to create thousands of jobs through retrofit revolution

12 April 2022

The Green Party has called for a massive programme to create secure, well-paid jobs by insulating thousands of homes.

In the run up to the local elections in May, the party has said there has never been a more important moment to elect Greens who will work hard to help their community deal with the cost-of-living crisis while tackling the climate emergency and reducing inequality.

The Green Party has called for a retrofit revolution to transform the UK’s housing to make all homes warmer and more energy efficient through insulation and renewable energy installation. Hundreds of thousands of low carbon jobs would be created across the country to carry out this work. Training and skills would be prioritised and investment directed towards communities hardest hit by economic changes over the last few decades. 

Katherine Barbour, Green Party candidate for Portswood, recently spoke at the Southampton City Council full council meeting about retrofitting of houses and the work being done in Lewes District Council by the Green led council. 

Katherine says, “It is possible to create many good quality jobs that are sustainable and the Green Party has a full set of costed policies that could revolutionize work in the UK.  It just needs a bit of vision and to move resources away from the building companies who have held sway in the UK for too long.”

“A retrofit revolution will bring down the cost of living, improve our access to local rather than imported energy, and reduce carbon emissions, all while creating new high-quality jobs.

“Southampton should be benefitting from the retrofit revolution and the green jobs it can bring. If elected, Green councillors will work to deliver that.”

Southampton & District Green Party spokesperson John Spottiswoode added:

“Green councillors around the country are already working to ensure that people will benefit from green jobs by creating training programmes, and by investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency. We’ll need a workforce ready to retrofit homes on a mass scale. Electing more Green Party councillors will speed up this revolution.

“The time is ripe for a blossoming of the renewable energy sector, thriving on the creation of real jobs and clean industries fit for the 21st century. To pay for this, the Green Party would tax pollution and wealth. That includes increasing the tax already charged on North Sea oil and gas to 40%, which would raise £5 billion whilst making polluters pay for their activities.”





For interviews and information please contact Katherine Barbour,  07763 863360 or John Spottiswoode on 07794 382673


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