Greens give support for Airport High Court battle

19 June 2021

Southampton & District Green Party are supporting the campaign battle by Friends of the Earth and Airport Expansion Opposition to challenge the Eastleigh Borough Council decision to extend the region's Southampton Airport runway and in effect expand the airport. 

The local Green Party, which formally objected to the planning application to extend the runway so larger planes could use the air strip feel this is one of those critical issues which will determine how serious law makers must be when considering specific planning applications.

After the Secretary of State decided to ignore objections and refuse to revisit the decision to extend the runway, the Airport Expansion Opposition group declared their intention to raise funds and take the application to the High Court of England and Wales.

Katherine Barbour who spoke and attended the online full Eastleigh Council meeting where a vote was carried in favour of the extension said: "Although there were many councillors in the Borough of Eastleigh who knew it was the wrong decision it was never enough to take on the hierarchy of the Lib Dem administration who seem to be looking to feather their caps from the expansion of an industry which only has detrimental environmental effects."

"Similar to the odourless, colourless and tasteless chemical known as DDT; the airline industry is causing untold environmental damage.  We intend to campaign so as to limit the damage.  We hope that one day, like with the worldwide ban on DDT, we have similar success."


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