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A good preliminary decision for Southampton Airport.

27 March 2021

Members of the Green Party in Southampton are this morning pleased about the decision to refuse the extension of the runway.

Southampton Greens demand action to improve air quality

25 March 2021

We have known for years that there are at least 110 premature deaths in Southampton every year due to air pollution [1], and thousands more whose health suffers badly due to it.

Southampton Greens demand more help for residents retrofitting their homes with energy efficient accessories and insulating fixtures.

06 March 2021

Southampton and District Green Party were disappointed that the Chancellor had not put Climate Change more central to his spring budget; they are now calling on both central government and local government to consider more assistance for retrofitting homes in the City.

Southampton & District Green Party call for a universal basic income for the UK.

25 October 2020

The pandemic has shown the inadequacy of the government to help many families and children during the current pandemic. Now is the time to roll out a basic income for everyone which will help provide the basic essentials, especially during times of crises.

Green Campaigner’s Support for Green City and Place Member.

14 September 2020

There has been an aggressive onslaught against cabinet member for green city and place, Councillor Steve Leggett. Unreasonable accusations have been fired off from the local Tory Party leader Cllr Dan Fitzhenry who is intending to seek derision during a period of experimentation for Southampton’s transport strategy.

Green Gathering in Frogs Copse, with a view of Marlhill Copse.

28 July 2020

An outdoor meeting for members and supporters is an annual event, but this year we invited anyone with environmental interests to attend.

Summer Social

19 July 2020

This is it our Summertime social has arrived.

'New normal' tactic not so new.

28 April 2020

Boris Johnson has a track record of cherry picking facts so as to fulfill his own agenda. A public inquiry after the pandemic has subsided should be inevitable.

Airport hoping for speedy cull in copse.

03 April 2020

Further to numerous articles concerning Marhill Copse, Southampton airport has now ramped-up their intention to fell trees.

Southampton City Vision consultation now open

14 February 2020

Your chance to submit feedback on the council's new local plan is open until 19th April 2020.

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