Green Party Co-Leader Adrian Ramsay to visit Southampton to meet local candidates and volunteers on Tuesday.

25 April 2022

Adrian Ramsay, Co-leader of the Green Party, will visit The Southampton and District Green party on Tuesday 26th April 2022 from 15:00 at Bitterne Triangle. Adrian is looking forward to meeting local Green Party supporters, volunteers and candidates working hard in the build up to the Southampton City Council elections on 5th May 2022.

In particular, he is keen to discuss with Katherine Barbour, Green Party candidate for Portswood and Helen Makrakis, Green Party candidate for Bitterne Park, local concerns regarding Southampton airport expansion, the poor state of the river and how the cost-of-living crisis is impacting local residents. 

In addition, Adrian will hear from candidates about concerns raised regarding inadequate recycling facilities across the city and the desperate need for a Green voice on the council. Katherine Barbour came a close second in Portswood last year and has an excellent chance of winning the seat this time. Across England there are now over 460 elected Green Councillors, a number predicted to rise again significantly on 5th May.

Adrian, Katherine and Helen will also be reiterating the importance of the independence of green councillors for voters. As Katherine Barbour explains, “As a Portswood resident already heavily involved with my local community, including running Dementia support groups, I will work hard for residents year-round, not just at election time. I listen to people’s worries and tackle the issues that affect us day to day here in Southampton. Most importantly, as a Green Party candidate, I have an independent voice and, unlike the other party candidates, do not have to toe the party line.”




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