Southampton & District Green Party thank Green voters.

16 May 2022

To those brave voters who supported us this year in an election where we orchestrated a deal with the City’s Lib Dems and whereby we had hoped to clinch a City Council seat; we truly thank you.

Although we dipped out from success by only 314 votes in the Portswood ward our overall vote around the city held up and we achieved a very slight average of year on year increase in our share of voting in those wards we stood in.

Katherine Barbour our Portswood candidate in fact achieved an 11.6% gain in voting. However with respect the results will be slightly skewered compared to 2021 due to the Lib Dem standing aside in Portswood.

The arrangement we had with the Lib Dems could have made all the difference for the future of our party and we do thank the Lib Dems for working with us on an experiment which may have helped the Lib Dems see their first City Councillor elected since their party lost two seats on the council in 2014.

Southampton Greens have never had the privilege of standing in an election having already had an elected councillor. This year our ‘Green Team’ managed to pull off the most effective campaign in a Southampton ward, by our local party and indeed since the unitary authority was created.

Already the Party has taken away some lessons from this year’s election experience and are working towards seeing a successful conclusion to the 2023 local elections. Next year the new boundary changes mean the whole of the Southampton City Council is up for election with a total of 51 seats within the 17 wards being contested.  

Full results for our candidates.



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