26 April 2022

Adrian Ramsay and Katherine BarbourGreen Party Co-Leader Adrian Ramsay visited Portswood and Bitterne Park to meet Green Party candidates Katherine Barbour and Helen Makrakis this Tuesday afternoon.  Adrian was keen to hear about local concerns.  In both wards the Liberal Democrats are standing down to help the Greens get elected.   Getting Green Councillors will change the nature of the debate in the City Council, bringing badly needed new ideas for the benefit of all in Southampton.

In particular, Adrian was keen to discuss with Katherine and Helen our concerns regarding the need to retrofit houses to get better insulation and lower energy bills.  In addition, they discussed the need to help people with the cost-of-living crisis. There is a desperate need for Green voices on the local council to implement energy saving measures, amongst many other things.


Katherine Barbour came second in 2021, so, with Liberal Democrat support, she stands a very good chance of winning Portswood this time. Helen could be the dark horse coming through in Bitterne Park.  Across England there are now over 460 elected Green Councillors, a number set to rise on 5th May.


Adrian, Katherine and Helen reiterated the independence of green councillors.  As Katherine said, “I will be the kind of Councillor who reaches out to people, a Councillor who listens to people’s worries and tackles the issues that affect us day to day, a Councillor who, unlike the other party candidates, does not have to toe the party line.”





For interviews and information please contact Katherine Barbour,  07763 863360 or John Spottiswoode on 07794 382673

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