Southampton Greens demand more help for residents retrofitting their homes with energy efficient accessories and insulating fixtures.

6 March 2021


Southampton and District Green Party were disappointed that the Chancellor had not put Climate Change more central to his spring budget; they are now calling on both central government and local government to consider more assistance for retrofitting homes in the City.

Helping to retrofit homes making homes warmer, saving greenhouse gas emissions and the residents bills for heating costs.  Southampton City Council can make a difference.

Spokesperson Katherine Barbour reminded civic leaders, ‘we are at the beginning of a climate crisis and we need our representatives to show more stewardship for the future.'

Millions of homes in the UK still need to have energy efficiency improvements made to them, not just to help people with fuel poverty but so we can begin working urgently towards a carbon net-zero situation.

Katherine has been selected as the Green Party candidate in the forthcoming local elections on May 6th 2021.  She will be standing in Portswood ward.



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