Green Party stands two parliamentary candidates in Southampton

12 November 2019

Southampton and District Green Party has selected its parliamentary candidates for Southampton Test and Southampton Itchen.

The Party are gearing up for the upcoming general election, campaigning on stopping Brexit and taking real action on climate change. 

Katherine Barbour and Osman Sen-Chadun will stand for election and represent the local Green Party across the two Southampton constituencies.

Osman Sen-ChadunWith a background in broadcast and media technology, Osman Sen-Chadun, who will be standing for Southampton Itchen, is interested in how we can use technology to reach a greener, safer and more sustainable future.

He said: “With a climate emergency on our hands, I am deeply concerned about the legacy we will leave behind.

“It’s clear that urgent changes must be driven by government and local authorities if we’re to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.”

Osman is eager to address public transport in the constituency and would encourage investment in sustainable energy production.

“For a greener and more supportive future, we must ensure the running of affordable, frequent services while aiming to reduce energy usage and the impact on our environment.”

Katherine BarbourKatherine, who has been selected for Southampton Test, is an active campaigner for dementia support and was recently elected as a governor for University Hospital Southampton.

She added: “Dementia is a big issue in our society and we must ensure that action is taken to help people living with dementia and to support their carers and families.”

She has also called for action on air quality, affordable housing and an economy that does not damage our environment.

The Green Party is dedicated to prevent a further climate breakdown, we must cut carbon emissions by 50% within the next 10 years. The Green New Deal calls for investment in clean energy, warm homes and affordable transport for all.

Find out more about our candidates here

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