The Green Resistance

13 October 2018

Harmony, Happiness and LongevitySouthampton and District Green Party have created a new campaigning arm called ‘The Green Resistance’ which will seek to join with others in Southampton to push in an active and direct way for positive environmental improvements. 

    John Spottiswoode, Southampton and District Green Party spokesman outlined the reasoning behind this new campaigning wing of the local Green Party;

“The City Council has an awful record on implementing green initiatives and it is time that we start to hold them to account.  For instance, they have done nothing significant on Clean Air in Southampton for years and years, despite knowing the air quality was killing people. They are only doing something now because they are being forced to do so, and even then we expect the Council to do the minimum necessary to avoid a heavy fine.  This is totally inadequate and does not do much to save the health of hundreds in the city and will not stop dozens of deaths here every year.  The Councillors are responsible for these deaths and this needs to be stated clearly."

     " We are forever fighting in an unfair electoral system where people vote tactically for the ‘least bad’ candidate" John Spottiswoode said   "meaning that Greens do not get elected locally so the big Parties think that they can ignore our concerns.  We have to start taking direct action to save lives, to save our City from environmental collapse and to get grass root action around workable alternatives.  This is the start of The Green Resistance."


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