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8 February 2017

Southampton Greens demand increased public access to the City’s Waterfronts as a priority of all current and future waterside developments.  

Southampton Greens are asking Southampton people to join them in celebrating the City's precious waterfront heritage and to demand that access to the riverside environments, particularly the  Mayflower Park shoreline, is given  priority over the rapacious demands of Developers.

Members of the local Party have reviewed public access to the river and estuarine waterfronts including current and proposed developments in Mayflower Park. Their report is available here

On Saturday 25th February at 11.30 the party will be leading a colourful, musical walk with the theme ‘Love our Waterfront’, from the Bargate to Mayflower Park. The public will have a chance to say what they value in our waterfront and what they would like to see in future developments.  

Southampton Green Party member Angela Mawle said “The public anger at the loss of a short segment of waterside access at Centenary Quay is an indication of how much the people of Southampton value our waterside areas. Mayflower Park is an example of what we are losing. Instead of luxury flats and a sterile park dedicated to the Boat Show, we could have a community space giving everyone the chance to connect to the waterside and to enjoy the health and recreational benefits that it brings.  We want to start a conversation about what type of development would really benefit the people of Southampton and to ensure that our beautiful rivers and shorelines are loved and protected into the future.

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Southampton Green Party's report into access to the waterside which was prepared over the course of one year and aims to raise awareness of the unique and beautiful waterside environments along Southampton's rivers and shorelines and to encourage communities and politicians alike to value celebrate and nurture them into the future.

The report includes descriptions and photographs of Southampton's waterfront from Riverside Park through to Weston Shore including the lesser known gems such as Northam Bridge Park but also the modern developments where access is partial and unattractive.

The party wishes to involve all sections of the community, regardless of political affiliation, in celebrating, enjoying and protecting our Waterfront, and calls on the City Council to ensure that the public is fully involved in discussions relating to future waterfront developments prior to planning applications going in.

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