3 January 2015

 Happy New Year to you all.

Angela Mawle


Now in the very darkest depths of the year we can reflect on opportunities that 2015 will bring to join together in seeking a happier healthier society for all. 

At the same time as celebrating all that is good within our families and communities we can raise our glasses to a future where we can work together for the common good both here at home in the UK and in the lands beyond our shores. 

The general election on 7th May will be a major milestone in 2015. Some say even a watershed. A time when the British people will summon the winds of change which could transform our political landscape. The Green Party has a vital role to play in energising the electorate. We are a party rooted in social justice and environmental harmony, determinedly seeking equality for all and rejecting the self aggrandisement and hollow promises that dominates UK politics today.

But it's no good having good intentions and high hopes if we don't get out there and help make it happen. Our New Year resolution must be second to none and we must walk the talk as never before.

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