Tribute to Angela Mawle

Angela stood for the Green Party in Southampton Test in the 2015 general election. Drawing from 30 years of working with the NHS she championed preventative measures in combatting illness. Inspired by her favourite ancient English heroine - Boadicea, she confronted the destruction of  nature by 'the powers that be'.

Outside of the Green Party, Angela was the chief executive of UKPHA, an environmental consultant, a director of the Women’s Environmental Network, a Sustainable City Manager in Bristol City Council and a Sustainability Manager for the Isle of Wight. She was also a Visiting Fellow at Southampton University Medical School. 

Angela was hugely committed to animal rights and in particular the welfare of horses in our local area. From this standpoint Angela volunteered, taking on challenging welfare cases for the British Horse Society.

We will miss Angela Mawle’s dedication and passion. We will always be grateful for all that she did for the party and for the people that she worked with and we will try to carry her work onward.