Local Green Party Social Events


Open Mic and Party Time

Our December Social was enjoyed by many members and friends, a couple of new members from Eastleigh and a few of our friends from Bournemouth. 

We agreed all donations were to be given to the National Green Party collection campaign 'Matched Giving'. This mean that the £54 raised in donations will be doubled by an unknown generous benefactor. 

The food was varied and mainly vegan - a big thanks to Katherine and others who helped to prepare it. 

Jamie, one of the guests, took time to write back to us on how much fun the Bournemouth crew had,

'How fantastic it was to find out that Southampton Green Party extended an invitation to their pre- Christmas gathering -  Joe Cox invited me along with my two friends. Following an incorrect post-code we first found ourselves at Southampton University, but when we finally arrived we found a warm welcome and delicious food for we who are vegetarian or vegan.

Afterwards we had very accomplished pianoforte in the reception room, courtesy of the ever- talented Chris Bluemel and our host Ron.  A poem and then a Leonard Cohen song accompanied by guitar was performed by the unsung talent and surprisingly soulful voice of Joe Cox. Chris also played violin along with Ron to a number called Minor Swing, written by Django Rheinhardt. 

I myself was very happy to toodle with Chris "On the Street Where You Live" My Fair Lady

Thank you all for a super evening and we look forward to meeting again. Have a Happy Christmas and a fruitful New Year 2018.'

James Spark.