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Nigel Farage £100,000 out of pocket in legal fees.

Joseph Cox, 28 November 2017

Windrush Day

Joseph Cox, 13 October 2017

It is critically important that the green agenda is picked up more..........

Proportional voting system debate

, 29 September 2017

Derek Chandler writes to the Daily Echo urging Caroline Nokes to support the upcoming debate on implementing a proportional voting system.

The inaction must stop

, 22 September 2017

Katherine Barbour rationally appeals to the Daily Echo readers in the hope they will support us and help get a Green Councillor elected.

Spitfire Memorial out of place in Mayflower Park.

Joseph Cox, 06 April 2017

Why Greens oppose water fluoridation

, 10 September 2016

After a workshop at the autumn 2016 National Conference John Spottiswoode has further contributed to the story.

Southampton children overlooked by faceless budget holders.

Joseph Cox, 20 August 2016

In response to the Big Lottery Fund denying money to children's services in Southampton.


Joseph Cox, 18 March 2016

Homelessness in Southampton- A growing trauma

, 09 March 2016

How the EU works for Southampton

, 25 February 2016

Kieren Brown reflects on our EU relationship.