Quality comes from the top

24 January 2021

Sir/ Madam

Two years ago, the Green Party organised many litter picks around the St Denys area. On a recent walk through I was disgusted to see yet even more rubbish had been dumped in the same areas.

I invite readers to ask themselves, what has gone wrong in society to make people believe that it’s OK to litter?

Watching the first Biden press briefing this morning, I was reminded that leaders have to act the way they want their country to act. When I was in industry, the pet phrase was "Quality comes from the top".

Here in the UK, we have PM who did not sack Dominic Cummings for flouting the Covid Travel restriction, and did not sack Priti Patel for bullying, or sack the education secretary for incompetence. Worse still it’s been reported that several lucrative government contracts have been handed to Tory donors without due process.

Is this why we are not seeing caring in society? The logic goes: If our leaders don’t care or act morally then why should the rest of us?

It is clear that our government must set good examples if we want quality in society.  I could of course be wrong and it's for other reasons. So I invite people to give their ideas about what is happening in society.
Ron Meldrum
Green Party