Letter published re: General Election

13 November 2019

Dear Sir
Please find below letter for publication

So another General Election has been called. Whilst most readers probably think this election is about Brexit, Brexit is insignificant compared to climate change.  This election really should be about climate change instead.  Many people are now recognising the need to change direction. This was reflected in both the European elections and the local elections last May where the Greens made significant gains across the country. Other parties have suddenly decided they are green in order to get your vote, the reality is their policies can best be described as sticking plaster green, as they don’t offer the fundamental changes needed to actually go green.
If we really want a change, this country will have to get more green thinking people into Parliament.
In an attempt to help remove some of the non-green thinking MPs in the 2017 election, the Greens were imaginative enough to stand aside in some 30 seats, which helped other parties win additional seats in parliament. Clearly it is now the turn of others parties to reciprocate the favour. The LDs certainly seem to have taken this on board. It has been reported they are standing down on the IOW in favour of the Greens.
We now wait for Labour to return the favour. If they don’t and lose parliamentary seats as a result, they will be entirely responsible for this. If they are keen to win seats such as Southampton Itchen, surely it would be in their interest to do so.
I want a country with a Green society which cares for our planet and all life. We have tried the others, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red resulting in a country that only seems to be working for the elite and the destruction of our planet. This is our chance to change. I hope you want that change as well.
Ron Meldrum
Green Party