Tory Leader Contest

Joe Cox 9th June 2019

There are seven of the eleven hopefuls all looking to bag the Prime Minister's job now owning up to partaking in illegal drugs in their previous lives. The thing is that, had these MPs been trying to become a teacher or applying to join the police service they would be ignored. It might be the case that they will now all be sent to the back of the bus; notably Michael Gove, who used cocaine to liven up his mundane journalist job on occasions.

We understand Michael Gove denies being part of a ruling imposed while he was Secretary of State for Education which  bars teachers from their profession if caught using cocaine. Had he sympathised with their misconducted he would of permitted them a second chance to prove themselves, as he now is permitting himself.

Personally I am not bothered if Boris Johnson had an urge to sniff Ajax, smoke weed or pour half a bottle of whiskey down his throat. The issues here are that people take drugs in all walks of life, not just those priviledged politicians with highly educated backgrounds. There needs to be an improved attitude to drugs especially so that society does not have to continue to tolerate violent criminals running drug cartels so they can net huge tax-free profits.

The damage done by drugs to many families might not be able to be repaired, but we did not reduce the fatalities caused by motorvehicles by banning them. Improved safety standards and higher examination standards for driving licences are the tools to decrease accidents.

The surprising statement by Sajid Javid,"They have organic food, they boast about buying fair trade produce, they talk about the environment, and at the same time, come Friday or Saturday night, they are ordering class A drugs." This is not something I witness. Perhaps Sajid has been invited around to a handful of family dinner tables where he has witnessed his Conservative collegues giving him mixed messages regarding hard drugs.

So we need to realise that the war on drugs has failed. Decriminalising drugs and giving those in society like Michael Gove the chance to buy products over the counter where they can get free advice for the safest use of those products means there is a better chance of protecting themselves and others from fatal accidents, illness and mental health issues.



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