Sea level rise.

2 May 2018


The news that one of the biggest glaciers in the world, the Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica is breaking up surely puts to rest the argument that the Antarctic is ‘immune from global warming’!  
 A £20million mission lead by research scientists aboard the RSS Sir David Attenborough will concern US National Science Foundation and UK’s Natural Environment Research Council. The five year joint exercise will be the survey ship’s debut voyage to the Antarctic. On board the miniature submersible based in Southampton, Boaty Mcboatface will be transported to the research site for operation.
 Of course this excursion to Antartica will do nothing to stop the resulting actions of climate change, but by voting for a political party (the Greens) that have foreseen this apocalypse and without £20million in donations from multimillionaires there could be an avalanche of change.