Cara Sandys Witness to Ship's Black Smoke.

 I watched the latest enormous cruise ship, Anthem of the Seas, dock in Southampton and couldn’t fail to notice the smoke and pollution drifting from the funnels.

It seems ABP do not require dockside ships to connect to the port electricity supply (unlike in many other ports), meaning the ships have to generate their own power when docked in Southampton.

They may not be moving but they still have lighting, air conditioning or heating to run, meals to be prepared, etc.

Is it any wonder that the city has some of the worst air quality in the UK?

Perhaps when Southampton gets fined by the EU for consistently breaching safe levels of air quality, ABP would like to pay some of the bill, as the transportation of goods and passengers to and from the port, as well as the pollution generated by the ships themselves, significantly contributes to the problem. The population has a right to breathe clean air.

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