Greens give a voice to all the animals

7 May 2015

THE report from the RSPCA detailing animal cruelty around the country and naming Hamsphire as one of the worst places for cruelty, challenges the thinking that ‘we are a nation of animal lovers’.

The increase in cases the charity has had to deal with, mainly neglect or not receiving the right care, in many situations may be attributed to the lengthy recession and cost of living crisis affecting many families.

Anyone in doubt as to whether or not they are coping with their pet should contact one of the several charities willing to help have an unwanted pet readopted, rather than let the creature suffer neglect due to inadequate welfare.

So as to curtail the more dark instances where animals have been the victims of new and imaginative forms of cruelty we need to increase the education given to children within the curriculum, and make sure there are tougher penalties for anyone involved.

Prior to this year’s elections the Green Party has released an election manifesto, with a special section for animals.

The document ‘Putting an end to animal exploitation and cruelty’ is a ten-page read with a complete list of pledges, for example: a complete ban on cages for egg-laying hens and for rabbits and on zero-grazing units for dairy cows, mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses and an end to the shooting of seals at fish farms, a ban on the sale of foie gras and the strengthening and extending of the Hunting Act – not forgetting our continued strong opposition to the badger cull.


The Greens have already been a proven force within the EU and outside by attempting to block subsidies for bullfighting, campaigning for the end of whale and dolphin slaughter within European waters, reducing animal testing requirements and working to put a stop to live exports.

We have the strongest animal protection policies of all the parties standing at this election and will continue to be a voice for all of the animals.