Greens call for LibDem boycott after Decision Day.

10 April 2021



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Saturday 10th April 2021


Members of the Green Party in Southampton are today mourning the decision made by the Liberal Democrat council in Eastleigh to agree to the extension of the runway.

Strong evidence was presented on the negative impacts of this plan but the councillors seemed to be deaf to the cautions.  It appears that Eastleigh Borough Council had been heavily lobbied by the Airport and others to agree this plan.

People living under the flight path in Bitterne, St Denys and Portswood will have their lives blighted when larger planes start to operate from the airport.  There will also be increased traffic on the roads around the airport.  There are already sometimes huge traffic jams along the roads by the airport leading to the motorway.  On so many fronts this is a bad decision.  Noise, pollution, climate change, traffic, mental health, education, deprivation, wildlife, environment, burning more fossil fuels, the list goes on.

We need to be flying less.  There is over capacity at airports in the UK and Southampton/Eastleigh airport is one of the worst for impacting populated areas.

With local elections coming up in Southampton in May where Liberal Democrats seek votes from the population in the city they should be boycotted and a clear message shown that what happens in Eastleigh impacts on the people of Southampton and vice versa.  The ruling Liberal Democrat Councillors have failed yet again to protect what they claim to protect, our environment, our health and our rapidly worsening climate.


Contact: John Spottiswoode

Mobile: 07794 382673


N.B. John Spottiswoode is the Coordinator of Southampton and District Green Party but is not standing for election in the May 2021 Council elections.


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