Green Gathering in Frogs Copse, with a view of Marlhill Copse.

28 July 2020

Embraer   EJ145 over the city.Sunday 26th July saw a small crowd enjoy the 'Summer Social' organised by Southampton Green Party.  The Frogs Copse venue was chosen by organiser Katherine Barbour so people could view Marlhill Copse, which lies approximately a kilometer from the southerly perimeter of Southampton Airport.

Southampton City Council recently gave the go ahead to start felling the taller pine trees within Marlhill Copse. With one hurdle behind them, the airport now intends to pursue further tree work so that the runway can be lengthened and the airport can progress with their ongoing expansion plans.

Those attending observed that the airport is no longer quiet as it was a month ago and several planes crossed over the heads of the gathering, drowning out the melody of a recorder being played.

During the three hour event people enjoyed eating food, talking, listening to music and one couple danced to the sound from a classically played cello.  

We thank the Art House for providing an array of takeaway food, not forgetting the barbecued spicy jack fruit, which genuinely does have a charcoal taste infused within.


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