Summer Social at Frogs Copse.

 This is it. Our Summertime feast has arrived. 

Southampton & District local party are encouraging everyone to eat out in Southampton at Frogs Copse on Sunday 26th July at 15.00hrs with members and supporters for the Greens. Under the present Covid climate you will have to bring your own food and drink. 

We particularly would like environmental groups like FOE, Greenpeace, AXO, Friends of Marlhill Copse and XR to show up for an outside picnic within Frogs Copse. 

Access to the Copse is from Marlhill Close, SO18 2GE which can be found by approaching from Meggeson Avenue. There are probably other access points around the park area which is sandwiched between Woodmill Lane and Meggeson Avenue. 

Weather Forecast

As it looks like it is going to be sunny and rainy next Sunday please feel free to bring gazebos and umbrellas. 

Chairs and Musical Instruments. 

Please bring any seating with you and even if you don't have a talent for music, bring along a musical instrument and we can have a sing along







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