Airport hoping for speedy cull in copse.

3 April 2020


With typically crass timing, Southampton airport has restarted its plans to fell the tallest trees at Marlhill Copse. The first phase includes 3 of the Monterey Pines that were included in last year's attempt to chop trees on the bogus grounds of interfering with air safety. The new convenient reason given is that "The trees are up to 33 metres in height and although a significant feature within the landscape these trees are considered to be at the end of their safe, useful life expectancy".
We have been informed that one sole tree officer will now be responsible for the decision making. This will be as a result of emergency working practices being adopted for the UK’s lock down situation.


Katherine Barbour committed green campaigner, explained how urgent it now is for people to object to any felling of trees in the copse
She said ’Marhill Copse is an important green corridor between Southampton and Eastleigh and it is paramount that it is kept in tact as much as possible.‘
If the City Council accepts this new argument, a large number of Monterey pines of similar age will need to be felled throughout the City. These trees are of the size that a University of Southampton report commissioned by SCC says that the City needs more of. The planning application, and opportunity to object, is at:  application link................southampton
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