Last chance to have your say on UK's aviation future

17 June 2019

There are trees in Southampton that right now are under threat from a looming airport expansion. Southampton City Council continue to ignore tree protections and conservation areas to approve these plans.

The deadline is approaching for the UK Government's consultation on the future of aviation. This is your opportunity to have your say and force the Government to uphold their climate change commitments.

We need your help to protect the trees of Southampton.

Marlhill Copse, near Riverside Park, Southampton was bought by Southampton Airport in 2018 in order to reduce the height of 219 trees that it alleged were a 'threat' to air safety. It has become apparent that the trees are not a threat but are in fact an obstacle to their expansion plans.

Lawyers from the City Council and airport have succeeded in reversing an injunction that protected these trees. They are no longer protected by law and are therefore in danger.

Friends of the Earth, Extinction Rebellion and Friends of Marlhill Copse has asked to meet with the City Council urgently to discuss ways that they can hold up their commitment to combating climate change through their planning application processes. Our City Council should be making Southampton a tree preservation zone and should be protecting areas such as Marlhill Copse.

Yet deputy leader Cllr. Jacqui Rayment has refused the offer.

We need your help to send the UK Government a message.

Respond to the Aviation 2050 consultation

Deadline: Thursday, 20 June

The Government is asking for public opinion on the future of UK aviation, including airport expansions.

Please respond and help us stop a climate-damaging aviation strategy that can affect beautiful woodlands like Marlhill Copse and counter the work we are doing to combat climate change.
Let's protect our environment. 

Need help with your responses? Friends of the Earth have provided some suggested responses for you to copy and paste to 8 of the questions. 

Give the government your opinion here

Support Marlhill Copse

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