Southampton 2018 local campaign launch.

16 April 2018

Southampton & District Green Party has launched this year's 2018  local election campaign. The meeting on the Banks of the River Itchen at St Denys on Saturday 14th April was a event to publicize the Party's continued effort to stand candidates across the city.  

At the waterfront the Party candidates and supporters were available to talk to the press and public about their intended policy and the work they are doing to make the city more environmentally friendly. Considerations especially on the transport options that residents have in this area - train, cycling, walking and of course, water.


  • Tackling air pollution 
  • Saving threatened community facilities (like Kentish Rd Respite Centre in Shirley)
  • To help Southampton improve its cycling infrastructure
  • Assist Southampton meet its zero carbon obligations
  • Help businesses operate sustainably without excessive use of our world's limited resources
  • Improve access to the waterfront for everyone
  • Help Southampton reduce use of plastics
  • Tackle homelessness without any need for torment. 

Katherine Barbour, candidate in Portswood Ward, says,

"I love this city and enjoy running, cycling and walking round it, the pollution levels this week have been high and this has to be addressed.  We can't do this with the current administration, fighting between labour and conservative is a waste of time - there is a need for a radical agenda."

 "There are candidates in every ward in the city so you CAN VOTE GREEN"

Let's make our cities clean, healthy and safe: cities we can breathe in.


Notes and further photographs: 

  1. Our long-term manifesto
  2. Supplementary pictures campaign launch 2018 photographs Saturday 14th April. 


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