Remembrance Cycle Ride, Sunday 8th April 2018

25 March 2018

At the end of 2017, two cyclists were killed within days of each other. Southampton Cycling Campaign and Katherine Barbour of the Green Party got together to consider how to remember these men and all the other cyclists killed on Southampton roads in this century.

As a result, a remembrance cycle ride will be held on Sunday 8th April; please do come and join us for all or part of the ride.


Katherine says:

"I love this city and enjoy cycling around it - no one should feel scared of taking to two wheels. I call on the City Council to redouble its efforts to create safe cycle routes in Southampton."


Katherine Barbour cycling


The reasons for this ride are:

  • to remember all cyclists killed by motor vehicles in the city, thinking especially of the two cyclists killed in the last weeks of 2017;
  • to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists in a transport system that continues to prioritise motor vehicles over other road users;
  • to encourage drivers to "think bike" and remember that they should slow down and take extra care around cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Route: We will meet at Woolston Station. After stopping at the Itchen Bridge to remember the recent tragedy (John Morris) and Derek Witt (also Amber Mattingly killed on Bitterne Rd West), we will take a quiet route via the parks and Common to the Regents Park Rd/Millbrook Rd junction, where we will remember cyclists killed on Millbrook Rd, Mountbatten Way and Thomas Lewis Way (Greg Dear, Jordon Wickingham, Robert Lee); from here via Second and Third Avenues, crossing at Redbridge roundabout, we will stop at Brownhill Way to remember Richard Gardner,the cyclist killed there in December, then returning to the city centre via quiet roads, the Common and the parks, stopping at the New Road/East Park Terrace junction to remember Sandro Filipik.

Timings: Woolston 1.45 pm; Regents Park Rd/Millbrook Rd 3pm; Brownhill Way 3.35pm; New Rd 4.30pm

It will finish with tea/coffee at the cafe in the park.

For more information, please see the event on Facebook.

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