Southampton & District Green Party have been helping city residents to reduce plastic waste.

The main objective has been to survey Portswood food and drink outlets, especially where one-use plastics are being handed out, so as to gain a better understanding of what exactly local businesses are doing to tackle the endemic problem that almost 5,000 [unrecyclable coffee cups] per minute within the UK are getting dumped in our environment.

 Now the results of the survey have been compiled, the Party are discussing with residents and businesses how to move the campaign against unrecyclable coffee cups forward.

 Katherine Barbour standing for Portswood in May 2018 is optimistic that progress can be made to eliminate the tide of plastic waste often being left strewn across the city.

She said,

'There are coffee shops giving a discount for using a reusable cup with some shops selling their own branded thermos cups to encourage the customers.'

 'We now need the public to be more aware on how to avoid using single use plastics and the Government to give business an incentive to encourage good behaviour.'


Link to survey results.







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