Eastleigh Green Party achieve their independence.

25 July 2016

This month Eastleigh Green Party has voted for it's autonomy, having previously been run under an umbrella structure linked to Southampton & District Green Party.

From a skeleton committee the local group  has now moved forward hosting regular meetings where members are voicing many issues specific to the Borough of Eastleigh.

The growing membership are getting involved in many exciting and important campaign fronts. One of them being the Tetrapak campaign which focuses on making Tetrapaks recyclable in the Eastleigh Borough.

Eastleigh Greens have also agreed that Ron Meldrum will remain as their parliamentary candidate. Ron secured 2.7% of the vote in the 2015 General Election. This new branch of the Green Party is now looking for more members who want to:- contribute to the community; make a difference and engage in local politics.

With the expanding party there are plans for a website maintained by the local members. Until such a website goes live please visit Eastleigh Face Book group for updates and the specific page Eastleigh Green Party  which will also be updated from time to time.


For for more information please contact

via: EastleighGreens@outlook.com @EastleighGreens Or by Facebook  www.facebook.com/groups/eastleighgreens/

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