Public meeting hosted by Southampton Green Party - Traffic Issues in St Denys

25 March 2016

Our public meeting held in St Denys Community Centre 22nd March was attended by 40 residents and most of them contributed to the discussions surrounding the overall worsening traffic problems in and around Priory road.


Angela Cotton who introduced a panel of four Green Party members (Jonathan, Kieren, Chris and herself) explained that ‘the Green Party were there to facilitate improvements for the area and not trying to impose solutions on residents’.

The notable problems in the area were:-

  • Speeding  - especially a problem under the railway bridge, when cars approach the blind junction with North Rd.

  • Congestion and pavement parking - the road lacks width and emergency services often need through access. Cars parked up on the pavement obstruct wheelchair users and people with pushchairs. Police shy away from action.

  • Rat runs – cars trying to avoid St Denys Rd congestion and/or trying to avoid congestion at the Adelaide Rd level crossing race along North Rd. Other Roads enveloped into the congestion  discussion were Highfield Lane, Portswood Rd, Kent Rd and Priory Rd.

  • Pollution – the volumes of traffic coupled with drivers idling their engines, all contribute to poor air quality.

  • Pavement driving – cars are mounting the pavement, often to avoid standoffs and parked cars.

  • Houses  in Multiple Occupation – students and workers who are car owners add to the parking problems, although it does seem many homes in the area are two car families, often leaving one car parked on the pavement.

  • Pot holes - numerous hazardous potholes along Priory Rd and perhaps Kent Rd require filling, so cyclists and pedestrians stay safe.


Some suggested solutions were:-

  • Extension of 20mph limit to most roads beyond Priory Rd( At the very least the School at North Rd should be included in a 20mph zone).

  • One-way systems along the North and South parts of Priory Rd. (residents felt any one way system pushes the traffic problem onto other roads).

  • Speed humps – humps need to be constructed so they can be effective.

  • Chicanes – expensive to construct but more popular with residents. One at either end of Kent Rd would be effective.

  • Speedwatch – a community speed watch group of volunteers could be set up. (These are popular schemes which are supported by the police).

  • Mirrors – these could be considered on some of the junctions in St Denys

  • Parking Permits – proscriptive parking was not supported for the area by the meeting.

  • Traffic Light Sequencing – to improve traffic flow along St Denys Rd.

  • Radar Speed Signs – often effective in many parts of Hampshire.

  • Signage along Roads – with the object of encouraging residents to take their bins off the pavements on the day the bins have been emptied.


Kieren Brown who is standing as the Green Party candidate for Portswood in the 2016 local elections acknowledged the concerns from the floor that the Green Party were campaigning on traffic issues prior to an election. He voiced his own support for St Denys’ residents and the wider community after the election even ‘if he was not chosen by residents’.

Southampton & District Green Party have campaigned for many years for better public transport and for the introduction of an effective park and ride scheme which can reduce traffic congestion for many parts of our city.

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