Southampton & District Green Party “JAMBOREE”

19 April 2015






For the two hours on Saturday at Southampton’s Bargate the sun poured down over local Green Party activists, while shoppers and residents took the opportunity to chat to the Green candidates standing in the 2015 elections.

Angela Mawle Southampton Test Candidate for the Green Party having spoken to many residents on transport issues and congestion felt we were lagging behind other South Coast cities, she said, “The high density of traffic within the city should be tackled by providing Park & Ride schemes around the outskirts” “By encouraging commuters and visitors to park up before entering the city, our resident’s lives will be healthier and less stressed because of the cleaner air and there would be easier parking as a consequence”

Campaigner against water fluoridation, John Spottiswoode, is standing for the Green Party in Southampton Itchen. John accepted a petition from a campaign group aiming to keep the NHS in public hands and out of TTIP. TTIP is the controversial proposed EU-US trade pact that many fear will undermine democracy by giving even more power to the biggest corporations. Inside the package there were around 1500 signatures.

John said “It is essential that we reverse the creeping privatisation of the NHS. This allows private companies to cream profits out of the NHS, worsens working conditions for health workers and hence damages the public service spirit of health care. The big danger is of a two tier health system in the UK, a good one for those who can afford to pay for it and a poor one for those without money.”

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