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22 March 2015

Local Green Party Activist and Eastleigh Coordinator Kylie Barton started an online petition to try and get OFCOM to change their mind on a recent ruling that saw UKIP classified as a major party but not the Greens.

OFCOM came to the decision despite the fact that the Green Party now have more members than UKIP and the Lib-Dems and they had an MP elected in 2010 unlike UKIP.

British politics is changing and this is undeniable. The petition asks people to sign for democracy, and to ensure that the broadcasters acknowledge that the UK is no longer a two party political system.

Over 500 people signed in the first 24 hours, and 4 days in the total has just reached over 2000, and the momentum shows no sign of letting up. What is most interesting is the comments received, and that many people signing are not Green Party supporters but supporters of democracy and fairness.

Kylie said: “The power of people is not so easily avoidable these days, especially when the power of social media is harnessed and used to raise awareness of the unjust nature of our system. OFCOM have got it badly wrong, and we are determined to make them see that. The media claims to be unbiased yet it is still so blatantly right leaning. This petition is about bringing fairness back to our media.”

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