Southampton & District Young Greens play host to Deputy Leader Amelia Womack.

15 February 2015

The evening began with Co-Chair of the local Young Greens, Rosie Pearce, introducing Angela Mawle, Parliamentary Candidate for Southampton Test. Angela issued a rallying cry to support the Greens in the 2015 local and national election campaigns. 

Angela outlined which issues drove her in standing for the party, the NHS (through 30 years of experience in the frontline and in policy) and the wish to help the young generation, who she proclaimed “own this century”.  Angela is standing for these young people.


Amelia’s message

Amelia Womack came to the 60+ strong audience with a concise and clear message; The Green Party is the real alternative on May 7th.  Amelia outlined the vision that the party has for the country, a vision of real and measurable fairness at its core.  This vision includes Citizens Income as a long-term goal through to 2020, the renationalisation of the countries strategic assets; Energy, transport and indeed the NHS which we are witnessing the dismantling of, under the neo-liberal coalition.  These are polices extremely popular when the public are polled; many of which have been at the heart of the Green Party for decades and are now being recognised by the public as being core to delivering a healthy sustainable future.

To the members of the party Amelia made clear her role as a representative rather than a leader, “This is your party; I am just here to speak on your behalf”, she outlined.  This is based on the policies being decided on a vote of the membership.  There is no party whip in The Green Party, each member has one vote and can vote whichever way they choose.

When questioned Amelia confirmed to the audience that The Green Party would not enter a coalition with any other parties, post-election, but would instead offer our support when policies are presented in parliament that we agree with.  We are not the Liberal Democrats 2.0.

Amelia was challenged by a member of the audience who was affiliated to The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) on The Green Party performance as a minority administration on Brighton Council.  Amelia was able to point to the lower-than-average unemployment rate in Brighton and to the Greens perseverance in making as few cuts as possible and to hold a referendum on raising council tax to protect adult social care services, whilst facing down a Labour-Conservative coalition on the council.

The Green Party is continuing to grow as a political-force in this country, a rallying point for those who are tired of the same old politics and the same old vested interests taking paramount over the people of the UK.  May 7th is a chance for voters to secure more Green representation for our country. 


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