I am standing on a ticket to promote Sustainabilty and Social Justice

8 February 2015

Dear Elector 

I am delighted to have been selected as your propsective parliamentary Green Party candidate for the Eastleigh constituency in the 2015 election. Given the turmoil in politics over the last 10 years many people are now looking at alternative parties to vote for. I therefore invite you to consider Voting Green at the next General election. 

The Green Party believes that Sustainability is essential for the well being of mankind and the planet. We cannot continue to take from nature without nature at sometime in the future reacting back and consequently causing catastrophic environmental change. We are all ready seeing the beginnings of serious environmental damage with the ice caps melting. 

The Green party have developed well rooted policies that aim to promote sustainability and social justice. Equally the Greens believe that our debt based economy is unsustainable and is sowing the seeds of  our own economic collapse. To correct the economic system the Greens are considering a partial Positive Money system. You can read much about this on the internet.

Greens believe it essential to improve the mental health of the nation. Having been in a position of helping people with mental health problems for the 20 years I have come to the conclusion there are few simple changes that can be made in our education system that would dramatically improve the nations overall mental health. Whatever government is in power I will press for these changes to be made. 

Greens believe it is immoral for private organisation to profit from essential services such as Water, Power, Transport and Health Services. Green MP Caroline Lucas has called for returning the railways into public ownership. Such services should be run for the common good of the country and not the profit of individuals or organisations that may not even be based in the UK. 

Greens believe in localisms and that individuals should have greater say in what happens in their environment. There are some aspects of belonging in the European experiment that are very useful, for example ensuring all road signs across Europe are the same, whilst other anomalies get in the way, for example creating tax havens in Luxembourg. Therefore the Greens believe there is serious need for reform and make the EU democratically accountable. 

 We the Greens believe in staying in a reformed EU. 

  • Greens believe each country and indeed the planet has a maximum carrying capacity or population of  humans that can sustainably live. 
  • Population is a political 'hot potato'.  It is a complex subject. It is all too easy to point ones finger at a particular aspect and blame everything on that as other parties seem to do. 

The Green Party is democratic organisation and is continually reviewing its polices through conference. You can read much more about the Green Party policies on our Web site www.greenparty.org.uk .If you don’t like the policies you see, then come and join us get involved and help develop polices for a sustainable World.

Other parties may try to tell you that Greens cannot win in Eastleigh. This of course is wrong. The Greens can win in Eastleigh. All you have to do is have the confidence of your convictions and


-          Vote Green. On May 7th.


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