John Spottiswoode and Local Green Supporters Launch Campaign to take the Southampton Itchen Constituency in May 2015

8 February 2015

John Spottiswoode was helped by local Green Party supporters to kick start his battle for the City’s East side Itchen Constituency, yesterday. 

He said “In Southampton we have a choice to vote for a Party that cries out for a change of politics. The Green Party has a vision for a different economic model which will guarantee a decent future for all and will abolish poverty.”


Some Group Photos

“We do not have to be in this worsening cycle of massive austerity cuts this year and then more threatened for next year, people thrown out of work and onto the scrap heap.  With Green policies people could be supported to help themselves and their community and be sure of a living income whatever the Conservatives and Labour throw at them.  It is time for a radical change of approach."

“I have three priorities:

  1. Abolish poverty and boost the economy by transferring wealth from the rich to the poor.
  2. Stop activities that are killing the planet, leading to premature deaths due to things like air pollution and improving living conditions for all.
  3. Save the NHS and reducing its workload by helping people to help themselves.”

John led the highly successful campaign to stop water fluoridation in Southampton, setting up Hampshire Against Fluoridation in 2008 and is the Chairman.  He also chaired the Southampton ‘Yes to fairer votes’ campaign.  John has two degrees, including a Social Science degree with a strong element of economics.

The picture includes some of the Green Party activists that have seen the Southampton and District Green Party quadruple in size recently, mainly in the last month.