Green Party Health Policy


The Green Party believes it is immoral to profit from the illness of others. We will fight against the continued privatisation of our NHS and seek to roll-back the privatisation already in place. We will also ensure that mental health is given the same weight as physical health to better protect our citizen’s emotional welfare. We will also ensure that living standards are raised through tackling inequality and the housing crisis which will have knock on positive health effects for the people of our city.


Our vision is for a Southampton where life expectancy, mental health support, and the quality of care which you receive are not determined by your postcode or wealth. At the centre of our health policy is a firm commitment to protect the NHS from privatisation, to ensure that it’s adequately resourced, and free at the point of use. We will prioritise the treatment of mental health.

Deprivation rates in Southampton are currently above the national average, with 10,800 children living in poverty and the life expectancy of men and women in the poorest areas being between 8 and 3.4 years lower respectively than those in the least deprived areas.

These inequalities will only become greater if the coalition and future governments continue to ‘reorganise’ the NHS and to bring in private companies, driven by profit motive rather than by patient care. The Green Party remain absolutely opposed to this creeping privatisation and will work towards creating an NHS which is rooted in and accountable to the communities it serves.

We commit not only to protecting the NHS, but also to fight for a number of other policies to ensure that Southampton becomes a more healthy community. These policies aim to improve local housing, lower unemployment, reduce poverty and combat air pollution in the city. These factors all contribute to the overall health of our city.

These policies range from insulating the city’s homes to setting up a core network of safe cycle routes. We would look to improve air quality and to developing community spaces where families and children can relax and enjoy the natural environment. We aim to deliver safe, affordable and warm housing; community focused nursing social and medical care; improvements in air quality; networks of pedestrian and cycle routes which connect communities and the restoration and development of natural spaces where wildlife and people can enjoy the beauty of our City.

The new Health and Wellbeing Boards and Clinical Commissioning Groups will be welcomed as will be the return of public health responsibilities to the City. These bring enormous opportunities for the Council to create the social economic and environmental conditions which are essential for good health.

We will:

  • Protect the NHS and fight against the continued creeping privatisation. 
  • Ensure the local NHS is adequately resourced to safeguard our mental health.
  • Ring-fence health budgets, particularly those funding obesity, sexual health and drug and alcohol related programmes.
  • Make sure there is integration of services across health and social care so that patients and clients receive joined up high quality care and support.
  • Work to ensure that each child has the best start in life. (According to the 2011 census 26.8% of children in Southampton are judged to be living in poverty).
  • Ensure that housing conditions meet the appropriate standards to ensure health and well-being.
  • Help poor households receive efficient and effective affordable warmth interventions.
  • Create a health impact assessment that is carried out on all proposed developments.
  • Work towards air quality meeting EU standards.
  • Promote cycling and walking actively and facilitate this by extending and enhancing current cycle and pedestrian routes and pathways.
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