Southampton is a great city full of so much potential, with a diverse population, a wonderful location on the south coast and a proud maritime heritage as one of the major ports in the UK. We in the Green Party are proud of our city and its people despite the obvious challenges we face as both a city and a nation.

Austerity challenges many of the services and institutions we hold dear. At a local level our libraries are under threat of closure, walk-in NHS facilities threatened with reduced service provision or outright closure and community pharmacies, so often the first port of call for those in need of advice and support, are finding their budgets removed. In the Green Party we have an economic, social and environmental vision wholly distinct from the "business as usual" parties.

Imagine a world of efficient and welcoming public services, co-ordinated action on climate change, equality, workers’ rights, an economy that works for people and planet at a human scale, restorative justice, and real care for the future, including young people now.

Imagine a world in which we protect the planet, its land and its oceans, and the plants, animals and people that live on it.

Imagine a world of security for all, of social security as opportunity not dependency, of lives lived more locally, with services close to where people need them and connected by affordable, energy-efficient public transport.

Imagine a government that believes in society, in our common humanity, in a culture of hope, and in our capacity to govern ourselves. Imagine a government that believes in the common good, and that the best way of achieving it is by working for each other, rather than against each other. Imagine honest government.

That’s the world the Green Party wants. In this our local manifesto we explain our vision for delivering upon our vision in the context of our local community. 


There are also elections in Eastleigh and in Romsey and Southampton North. We have produced mini-manifesto for each of these areas which can be accessed via the links below.