Local Manifesto

Southampton & District Green Party have produced a local manifesto outlining the principles that our local councillors stand for. Below you can link to the summary, the full document and skip into sections which can be found in random order. 




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Housing and Homelessness

The Green Party believes that nobody should be left homeless, and nobody should sleep rough on the streets, in the 21st century. In Southampton things have not improved since 2016 a time when the city started to see the long term effects of austerity.

COVID-19 created further stress for systems of support, which we especially reference in our document here.

Download our local manifesto on Housing and Homelessness


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Social Welfare

In Southampton the local authority is struggling to maintain libraries, toilets, litter collections and has made savage cuts to social care. The Green Party would lobby government to reverse these cuts.  Good decisions can be made at a local level and people can be involved in local democracy.

These things help to bring communities together and address some of the inequalities that can happen when decisions are made at national level by distant bureaucrats.

Download our local manifesto on Social Welfare


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Our vision is for local transport links that meet residents’ needs, whilst minimising danger and any environmental impacts. We will place pedestrians and people with disabilities at the top of the agenda, making public transport cheap and more accessible. We will ensure that all provisions for pedestrians and bicycles are safe and userfriendly and that it is possible to make journeys across the city safely by bicycle. We will work to reduce the air pollution caused by buses by encouraging the bus operators to replace buses, as they reach the end of their working lives, with vehicles that utilise greener technologies.

Download our local manifesto on transport


Green Party world logoBiodiversity and the Environment

As well as being crucial for biodiversity and ecosystem services, green spaces are vital for local people’s health and wellbeing. However, the extent and diversity of habitats in Southampton is declining and the city's rivers, estuaries and coastal areas are polluted and under increasing pressure from development, industry and human activities.

We support the existing Green City Charter but, where there have been failings in targets, we will work to rectify this. We will ensure that Southampton is a city that shares its space with wildlife, through well-managed, well-connected habitats and communities invested in looking after their local greenspaces. Residents will be happier and healthier thanks to improved provision for active travel and access to nature.

 Download our manifesto on biodiversity and the environment 




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